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Bridgnorth is a town in Shropshire, England. It is divided into two parts by the River Severn: High Town and Low Town. The upper town is located on the right bank and the lower one on the left bank. According to the 2011 census, the population was 12,079. The village’s name is derived from a bridge which spans the Severn River and was built further north than an earlier bridge at Quatford. On the top of High Town, near St Mary Magdalene Church, lie the ruins of Bridgnorth Castle, and in the middle of High Street is Bridgnorth Town Hall, built in the seventeenth century. Other historic buildings, including Bishop Percy’s House, can also be found on High Street. 

 Held on the High Street & Smithfield Car Park adjacent to Sainsburys every Saturday is the Market Day. A Cattle Market & Auction is held weekly in Tasley. This gorgeous town is also not short of entertainment. Shows and live music events are held in the iconic Theatre On The Steps. The Majestic Cinema now offers all of the latest films in the joy of a picture house with character. This goes to show that Bridgnorth is not short of retail and recreational services. Above all, these activities will necessitate waste management, which is where Kidderminster Waste Management comes in. For retail enterprises, public sector organisations, and events of all sizes, we provide cost-effective waste management services. All you have to do is dial 01562 950 240 to reach us.

Commercial Waste Collection Bridgnorth

Public or private businesses, government agencies, and municipalities need their waste collected and transported. Depending on the waste collector, waste collection may be selective or undifferentiated, in that certain products are collected separately or all types of waste are collected together. At Kidderminster Waste Management, honesty and transparency have been the foundation of our reputation throughout the years. With us, you can be assured that your waste will be handled in a responsible manner. Our clients are guaranteed a comprehensive level of visibility and waste collection control that adheres to all legal standards. From Bridge Street, Cartway, High Street to East Castle, our collection services are available for every business in Bridgnorth.

Business owners and managers do not have to worry about waste disposal or emptying bins anymore when they hire our rubbish collection services in Bridgnorth. Our services include the removal of your bins and the provision of empty bins as well as recycling units for you to sort your recyclables at the point of disposal. We provide an efficient and cost-effective commercial waste collection service in Bridgnorth. Companies can entrust us with all types of commercial waste, including asbestos, confidential waste, and clinical waste. Another important benefit of choosing Kidderminster Waste Management is that we provide all our customers with free wheelie bins and other necessary equipment to streamline waste collection, recycling, and disposal. Our disposal options include front-loading bins, roll-on/roll-off containers, skips, and a collection schedule that meets your specific needs.

Commercial Waste Disposal Bridgnorth

Improving your company’s sustainability can help you attract high-quality renters while also improving your image. Greenhouse gas emissions can be considerably decreased by reducing and recycling garbage. Furthermore, by reusing and recycling waste as disposal options, natural resources such as trees, land, and water can be maintained. In addition to preventing waste from ending up in landfills and incinerators, recycling enables new products to be created. When it is impossible to avoid creating waste, recycling is the next best option. The goal is to conserve our resources for future generations in order to maintain our resources for future generations. Our focus is on sustainability and energy conservation.

From Black Boy Inn in Cartway or Foster Arm in Mill to Castle Clinic in St Marys Street, Kidderminster Waste Management can handle all types of waste for any kind of business.  Furthermore, recycling can create new products by avoiding landfills and incinerators, as well as saving energy. With our completely well managed waste disposal service, we can provide clients a long-term waste management strategy that optimises waste recycling while being fully compliant with all current regulations. For residents, here’s where they can take their waste as we do not cater for them:

Bridgnorth Household Recycling Centre

Faraday Drive



WV15 5BA

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