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The market town of Stourbridge is in the West Midlands, England, on the River Stour. The heart of British glass production was located in Worcestershire during the Industrial Revolution. According to the 2011 UK census, the town’s population is 63,298. In the early 1600s, a glass industry was established in the town, earning the town its name. Clay from the local area proved especially useful for the coal mining industry that developed primarily as a result of Huguenot immigrants’ immigration from France. It is now the richest town in Dudley Metropolitan Borough, although some areas of Stourbridge are still depressed. 

It is now the richest town in Dudley Metropolitan Borough, although some areas of Stourbridge are still depressed. The Black Country dialect is still widely spoken today. Today, Stourbridge High Street is home to chain and independent businesses, eateries, coffee shops, gyms, and a yoga studio. 

Furthermore, Victorian passageways are a popular attraction on Stourbridge High Street. Just off the High Street is the Ryemarket Shopping Centre, home to Waitrose and WHSmith. A lot has changed in the town center over the past few years. Stourbridge Lion locomotives were built in Foster, Rastrick, and Company foundries, which was where Lion Health medical center opened in 2014. Located adjacent to the Stourbridge Canal, Riverside House will serve as an economic and cultural hub for the community as part of the next phase of the foundry’s revitalization. With so much development and town rejuvenation, waste management is of utmost importance. You can count on us to handle all of your commercial  waste management needs in and around Stourbridge. If you’d like to get in touch with us, please don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free estimate 01562 950 240. The project will undoubtedly be completed at the lowest possible cost while adhering to the strictest environmental laws.

Commercial Waste Collection Stourbridge

Is your Stourbridge company in need of waste collection services?We take pleasure in providing the greatest level of customer service and high-quality products at unbeatable pricing! Whatever your waste management needs are, we offer all of our services to business consumers. We are available any time of the day all days of the week. Our business is here to help your company stay compliant and will properly dispose of waste on your behalf. Kidderminster Waste Company recycles up to 90% of all the waste material collected, and it has a zero landfill policy to keep waste from going to landfills as much as possible. UK waste management regulations are known for their stringent and effective nature, which Kidderminster Waste is well aware of and strives to meet the needs of business clients.

Whatever your business, from a restaurant on High Street to a glass company on Stourbridge’s outskirts,  Kidderminster Waste Management has the tools to keep you on top of your waste management, 24/7. If necessary, we can provide you with your own equipment such as wheelie bins, and we can develop a schedule that isn’t disruptive to your daily operations. All waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, and our company can also handle large-scale one-time operations quickly.

Commercial Waste Disposal Stourbridge

Our commercial waste disposal services include confidential waste, paper waste, industrial waste, catering waste, glass waste, clinical waste, hazardous waste just to name a few. To find out what you can save, call us right now. We are one of the cheapest and most dependable waste removal and management companies in the UK, which means we can give excellent local services at competitive pricing, regardless of your requirements. All of this is only a phone call away. We can help you reduce landfill waste and save money, no matter what your requirements are.

Our most dependable waste disposal method is through recycling. As raw materials prices and scarcity grew during the industrial revolution, recycling became more important. Waste materials that had been abandoned by manufacturers as waste are always readily available at cheap prices and in large quantities through recycling. It was during the 19th and 20th centuries when huge volumes of materials were consumed that recycling took hold. We can help you reduce landfill waste and save money, no matter how big your waste requirements are. From the Crown Centre Shopping Mall to the Ryemarket Shopping Centre, we have something for everyone. For households, the council offers some recycling. They can also take their waste to Anchor Lane Tip in Bilston.

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