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Medical Waste Management Kidderminster

Keeping you safe is our top priority at Kidderminster Waste. Your healthcare practice can depend on us to provide healthcare waste management services that are both compliant and trustworthy. Services we provide include segregating and storing medical waste, as well as removing it from the environment for disposal. Contact us today on 01562 950 240 and we will create tailor made medical waste disposal services for you. 

In accordance with legal regulations, we minimise the potential harm to individuals and the environment. Our medical waste disposal services are practical, efficient, and adapted to your specific needs. We also provide free medical waste bins and deliver them to your premises for free as part of our waste collection services.

What is Medical Waste?

Healthcare waste includes anatomical, cytotoxic, dental, and clinical infectious waste, among other hazardous and non-hazardous waste kinds. These wastes require specialized treatment and disposal since they may pose a risk to people who come into contact with them. At Kidderminster Waste, we offer a variety of options for safely classifying and storing hazardous and non-hazardous waste, as well as a customized healthcare waste collection plan to meet your specific needs.

We have the safest and most cost-effective solution at Kidderminster Waste. It’s not just about the big picture of environmental protection; it’s also about assisting you with the day-to-day issues of proper waste management.

Types of Medical Waste

Medical waste is divided into four categories: infectious, hazardous, radioactive, and general. Let’s talk about the differences between the four.

Infectious Waste – The term infectious waste refers to waste that poses a risk of infection to human beings. A number of examples include human tissue, bandages soaked in blood, surgical gloves, cultures, stocks, and swabs used to inoculate cultures. Infectious wastes are pathological wastes, or piles of waste containing germs.

Hazardous Waste – Hazardous waste is defined as anything that may cause injury or illness to humans without causing infection. A few examples of this are chemicals (medical and industrial) and outdated medications (such as needles, scalpels, lancets, etc). As a result, hazardous waste should be managed by a professional waste removal company like us.

Radioactive waste – Nuclear medicine treatments, cancer therapies, and medical equipment that employs radioactive isotopes all produce radioactive waste. Any pathological waste that contains radioactive material is usually classified as radioactive waste. Radiation poses a lot of health dangers, thus it should only be handled by a licensed medical waste removal business.

General Waste –  The majority of medical waste comes into the general category, and is similar to household or office waste. Paper, plastics, liquids, and anything else that doesn’t fall into the other three categories are classified as general garbage.

Medical Waste Disposal Through Sterilization

There are various ways in which medical waste can be disposed of and they include:

Incineration: This is the process of burning waste at temperatures ranging from 982 to 1093 degrees Celsius. This has the benefit of being a quick and easy disposal technique, however there are issues about emissions. While some states and municipalities aggressively promote incineration as the preferred form of treatment, others have established incinerator moratoriums, which prevent new incinerators from being built until the moratorium is lifted.

Autoclaving: The most often used alternative to incineration is autoclaving, which is also known as steam sterilization. It is both less expensive and has no known health risks. Prior to disposal in a landfill, wastes are sterilized or disinfected using this process. Waste bags are placed in a chamber, and steam is injected for a set period of time at a set pressure and temperature.

Here at Kidderminster we provide solutions tailored to meet the demands of the market while adhering to all the medical waste regulations.

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