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Metal Recycling Kidderminster

We create and maintain custom-designed waste handling and disposal solutions for our clients. We work closely with our clients to create custom solutions that are tailored to their needs. Our efficient and skilled  team can customize a solution to your individual needs, whether your company generates waste metal as a by-product of manufacturing or you need assistance with disposing of unused and damaged metal products. Contact us on 01562 950 240.

Metals are precious materials that can be recycled several times without losing any of their qualities. There is no need for them to be thrown into landfills. Give us a call now and we will handle your metal waste in the best possible way. Metal recycling is a heavily regulated sector. All scrap metal traders, from small mobile collectors to major multinational corporations, must be properly licensed. Kidderminster Waste company is a licensed waste collection company. Using us means you rest assured that your waste is safely collected and recycled.

Why Recycle Metal?

Metal recycling allows us to conserve natural resources while consuming less energy in the process than creating new items from virgin raw materials. Recycling reduces the amount of carbon dioxide and other hazardous gases released into the atmosphere. More importantly, it saves money and enables manufacturers to lower their costs. Our company specializes in metal recycling and offers a high level of service that you can trust. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for all of your metal recycling.

Recyclable Metal Types

There are two types of metals: ferrous and non-ferrous. Metals containing iron and carbon are called ferrous metals.Iron and steel are among the common ferrous metals, including carbon steel, alloy steel, wrought iron, and cast iron. Non-ferrous metals, on the other hand, include aluminum, copper, lead, zinc, and tin. Nonferrous metals are precious metals. Gold, platinum, silver, iridium, and palladium are the most common precious metals.

The Method of Metal Recycling

The following are the main stages of the metal recycling process:

Collection: Metals have a different collection process than other materials due to their higher scrap value. As a result, it’s more likely to be sold to scrap yards rather than thrown away in a landfill. Large steel constructions, railroad tracks, ships, farm equipment, and, of course, consumer scrap are among the other sources of metal waste. One-half of ferrous waste supply comes from quick scrap, which is generated during the design and development of new products.

Sorting: Metals are separated from a mixture scrap metal stream or a mixed multi-material waste stream during sorting. Magnets and sensors are employed in automated recycling systems to improve waste material sorting.

Further processing: To facilitate further processing, metals are shredded. Metals that have been shredded have more surface area per volume, meaning they melt faster. Therefore, they require far less energy to melt. Aluminium is normally shaped into tiny sheets while steel is typically shaped into blocks.

Melting: Waste metal is melted in huge furnaces specifically designed for melting that type of metal. Metals are melted in furnaces specifically designed for melting that type of metal. Even so, as previously stated, melting and recycling metals consumes significantly less energy than manufacturing metals from fresh raw materials. Then the purification follows. Purification ensures that the finished product is of high quality and free of impurities. Electrolysis is one of the most frequent purifying processes.

Solidifying: Following purification, melted metals are transported by conveyor belt to cool and solidify. Scrap metals are shaped into precise shapes, such as bars, that can be utilized to make a variety of metal products at this stage.

Here at Kidderminster Waste, we assist you in tackling the challenging task of building a metal recycling program while also putting money back into your pocket. We set ourselves apart from the competition by adequately educating you on the different grades of metal scrap and the markets for those items.

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