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Plastic Waste Management Kidderminster

Plastic waste recycling is one of the most creative and simple solutions to tackle the garbage that plastics generate. The situation with regard to plastic waste would be substantially worse if it were not for plastic recycling. As a result, plastic trash recycling is required to control waste and limit the amount of plastic that ends up in the environment. 

If your business creates a lot of plastic waste, you’ll need to hire a professional waste management company to handle it. That is where Kidderminster Waste Company, a reputable eco-friendly waste removal company that responsibly manages plastic waste comes in.

We will provide you with free bins, free bin delivery, and anytime pickup as part of our incomparable and exceptional customer service.

If you’re not sure how often your waste should be collected, we’ll conduct a waste audit and advise you on the appropriate collection frequency for your company. Call us at 01562 950 240

Why is it Necessary to Recycle Plastic Waste?

Plastic is a major source of pollution and the rapid extinction of marine life. Plastic is all throughout the place. It has been the favored way for storing and carrying things such as groceries and clothing because it is handy, robust, and lightweight. In addition, it is non-biodegradable. Plastic that was invented, used, and discarded more than a century ago is still floating around in our landfills, oceans, rivers, and dams. The quantity of plastic waste that ends up in our oceans and on our land will be reduced by recycling it.

This will also save us the time and energy needed to make plastic from scratch. Furthermore, when other plastic by-products, such as shampoo bottles, traffic cones, and shopping bags, are disposed of carelessly, they become biohazards. Droughts and barren fields are frequently caused by plastics dumped in landfills. The world will prevent a lot of unneeded anguish by recycling or repurposing them. It’s because plastic depletes the soil of nutrients, causing rock compulsions to grow underneath the surface, weakening and finally depleting the soil. 

How Do You Recycle Plastic Waste?

Mechanical and chemical recycling are the two basic methods for recycling plastic. The most prevalent approach is mechanical recycling.

Mechanical plastic recycling – Plastic is collected from your promises and delivered to recycling plants as a result of this procedure. It is graded at the plants and divided accordingly. This prevents the mixing of plastics made of various fibers. The plastic will be shredded after sorting and cleaned to remove impurities such as paper and clips. Contaminants are materials that should not be recycled with plastic because they may contaminate the end product. Finally, it is melted to form pellets, which can be used to create new and varied plastic products.

Chemical plastic recycling – Through a combustion-like process in confined containers without oxygen, plastic is converted to its original, smaller particles called monomers. Recycling is pushed to its limits in this way, and plastic that would not otherwise be recycled (mechanical recycling) is reprocessed into fuels and power.

Zero Waste to Landfill

We are happy to practice zero-landfill trash management at Waste Company. We will make certain that none of your wastes end up in landfills and will assist you in meeting your Duty of Care obligations. Our organization cares about our customers and their environmental effect, as well as future generations, so we’re doing everything we can to reduce plastic waste in all forms.

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