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Kidderminster Waste Management is given to the surroundings and supports the UK as it moves towards a more sustainable future. We are consistently trying to find ways to improve our recycling programs, save precious resources, and make a better environment now and for generations to come. Our Sustainability Supervisor helps to create and manage the use of environmentally sustainable practices in our company as well as the communities and businesses we serve. Beyond our routine services, here are a few ways we’re pledging our Earth Dedication!

Recycling Kidderminster

For larger scale manufacturers of waste for example factories, retail outlets and distribution centres; compactors, balers or roll on / roll off bins are the most cost effective method of waste disposal. We work with the leading paper and card converters to ensure that your business gets the top rebates available. Higher rates are paid on segregated materials so make sure you keep this in your mind when disposing of your waste. The exact quantity rebate will depend on the weight and mix of the materials, nevertheless, we charge only for the collection or exchange of the compactor or bin.

Alternatively, we can supply big hessian bags that may hold up to 20kg of paper. We gather these bags from in the premises at a pre-arranged time to suit you — the price to gather one or one hundred bags is the same. Our operatives will leave behind one bag for each one that is taken away. Office Recycling Offices producing only a small quantity of paper waste prefer our pre pay bag collection service. Just fill with paper (or any dry mixed recyclables) and set out for collection at an established time. Larger offices may reap the benefits of our wheelie bin services.

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